Monday, May 9, 2011

Beginning of 5k Speed Training

My "I'm going to TRY to go sub 23" 5k training schedule begins today.  I'm not following a specific plan, I'm just going on what I know and incorporating old training plans into something that will work for me.

This week schedule is going to look a little like this:

Monday - 4 easy miles
Tuesday - Spin
Wednesday - 5 miles (3 at an 7:50ish pace)
Thursday - 3.5 miles (1 mile warmup, 4x400 with 200 recovery jogs, 1 mile cool-down)/abs class
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 6 miles
Sunday - Rest

I'm hoping that adding back in the tempo and track workouts will hopefully bring back my speed and get me to the sub 23 5k that I want.

Have you ever had "fat days?"  As girls we get them a lot more than guys do and today is my "fat day."  I'm feeling bloated and really wish I would have gotten on up and got my run in this morning.  I didn't so now I'm faced with running in the heat this afternoon after work.  I'll sweat more and get rid of more of the fat, I'll let myself keep on believe that, don't anyone tell me anything different.

In other news of running, I'm starting to scare myself by reading all these marathon race reports.  There is way too much talk of pain for weeks on end after all is said and done, and I just don't think I'm cut out for the pain and am starting to second guess myself that I have a marathon in me.  I need to quit thinking about it so much and when the time comes, just do my best. 

Angela :)

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