Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started

My week of taking off has come to an end.  Today on my lunch break I plan on running 3 miles.  I'm really looking forward to it but my only problem is I left my mp3 player at home and I don't really like to run without it.  It's not going to stop me today.  I'm getting out there and getting the running started back up again.  I really miss it and have a feeling that all my headaches I've been having are coming from the no exercising.

Today also marks the first day of my diet.  I don't really have a goal of when I want to be 20 pounds lighter.  I'm making this diet a lifetime thang, not a need the weight off by a specific time.  I'm also cutting out the caffeine.  I'm taking it slow and since I did have coffee this morning, I'm planning on not having another caffeine product until dinner.  I'm also going to add in lots of veggies and fruits.  I'm going to try to cut out the carbs as much as possible, and only let myself have small splurges.  The weekends are going to be the hardest for me because when I get bored at home, I munch. 

My friend is going to start going to 30-minute abs with me on Tuesday and Thursdays so that's going to help out also.  We also have plans to workout together on Tuesday afternoons while our kids practice soccer.  I'm really looking forward to this because this is definitely the motivation I need to get back into working out.  Also having a 5k race that I really want to PR in also adds fuel to my motivation fire.  Bring on June 11, I'm hoping to go sub 23.

This weekend I didn't run at all but it wasn't because I didn't want to, it was because time got away from me.  Saturday morning Bug had to be out at the soccer fields by 10:30.  I know your asking, "But Angela you could have gone running way before that time."  And yes I agree, but the hubs had to work and he left the house a little after 7, so that meant I had no one to watch the girls.  So I decided to try and push the run back until sometime around 6 or so that evening.  Why that late you ask?  My grandmother's surprise birthday party started at 3 and we were there until 5:30.  So when I got home, thoughts of running were a thing of the past.  I made the mistake of just resting and the next thing I knew, it was 8.  No time for a run.

So Sunday rolls around and I'm definitely going to try and get up and go for a run but my eyes didn't open until 8:00 and I had to be at our local zoo by 10:30, so there was no time for a run.  The girls and I spend almost the whole morning and some of the afternoon outside playing on the playground at the zoo and when we get home, everyone is exhausted so we all take a well deserved hour nap.  I then have to hit up the grocery store because we have no food in the house and the hubs is already asking what are we going to eat for dinner.

Overall I had a great weekend.  It was spent mainly outside and the girls got a lot of playing in.  I love weekends like that.  Next weekend is going to be busy what with Easter and all but at least I get Friday off from work.  So looking forward to Friday.

Angela :)

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