Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Five

It's Friday my peeps, my favorite day.  But instead of being happy that it's Friday, I'm ill as a hornet and feel as though a sinus infection or cold is trying to come on. 

Here's my Friday Five in no particular order:

1. I heart these things.  I usually take one every Friday afternoon and Saturday evenings.  The red bottles work well but I just love that extra feeling of energy that the black bottle gives.  It's my weekend weakness.  I also have to cut the grass this evening because it so needs it and I will not have time tomorrow.

2.  I had some extra cash on me today that I blew on the Ga. Lottery.  In this one I actually won a ticket, so I basically only wasted $5 considering I bought two tickets and this one gets me another $5 ticket.  The funny thing is the 2 row had a the GRAND PRICE OF $500,000 on it and for a minute I actually thought I had won it.  It took me a few minutes to realize that I only had a boat (3 tens plus two Jacks equal a full house) and the "opposing player" had 4 tens. 

3.  I tricked Bug with this picture while I was in New York.  My mom, sister and I hit up the wax museum and when I saw Justin Beiber, I took a picture and sent it to my SIL and told her to show it to Bug.  I didn't think to tell them I was at a wax museum so they thought it was the real deal.  Too funny.

4.  In all honestly, I semi-miss this place.  We stayed a block away from Times Square at the Hilton Garden Inn at Times Square.  Even though it was busy, it was a blast.  I hope to go back someday, maybe when it's warmer.

5.  I just kicked some major booty on the phone regarding my health insurance.  For some reason I decided to open my premium notice, even though I don't pay the bill, my work does, I at least contribute 50% of it in my checks every week.  So when I opened it and noticed that there was an increase of almost $200, I immediately got on the phone and got to work figuring out why I had such a high increase.  Come to find out they billed us wrong last month and thought they were going to try and get us this month.  After talking to the representative that we paid exactly what the bill said to pay, he told me to just pay what the premium is and they would write off the extra amount.  I was so proud of myself for actually taking the time to call about it because there would have been a huge amount of money taken out of my check for that and I really can't afford it at the moment.

There's my five things for Friday.  I hope you enjoy it.  I have a very busy day tomorrow.  Bug has a soccer game that starts at 11:15 but before that we have to be at the fields at 10:30 for pictures.  The hubs has to work so it will be just me and the girls.  After that we have to go to my uncle's house for my grandmother's birthday party.  So I'll basically be out of the house from 10 until probably 5 sometime.  It's going to be a long day but hopefully fun.  I'm hoping to get a run in sometime tomorrow but because I'm still basically taking some time off, it will not hurt me one bit if I don't. 

Have a great weekend guys.  Hope to be back tomorrow with the rest of my New York tale.

Angela :)

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