Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Featured

So today I'm featured on this wonderful blog.  I wished I lived closer to her so we could go running together and I'm not even going to knock her for being a Kentucky fan because at least she cheers for an SEC team.  It would be even better if she was an Auburn fan.  Go on over and check her blog out, I swear you'll fall in love with her, her cutie husband, Dave, their sweet cat, and her cute growing baby bump.  Thanks Kim for featuring me, I appreciate it.

Yesterday Bug had a soccer game in our neighborhood.  It was at the fields she practices at.  The hubs only job for yesterday was to get her and Monkey over to the fields and then I would meet them there with the snacks and drinks.  I leave the office 5 minutes before 5 in order to semi-miss the rush hour home and then get a call from the hubs.  It goes something like this:

Me: Hey honey what's up?
Hubs: Which soccer field are the girls playing on?
Me: Please tell me you are at our normal soccer fields?
Hubs: No I'm over at the Gillionville complex.
Me: Honey they are playing at our normal soccer fields today, they play over there tomorrow. 
Hubs: Well I have 30-minutes to get back over there.
Me: HURRY UP!!!!

5:25 and Bug comes running up to me, her game starts at 5:30.  I quickly pull her hair up into a pony tail and send her on to the field.  Her team lost by two points but at least there was excitement before and during the last half of the game.  Where were the girls during the first half?  I have no clue.

Well this morning I got my lazy butt up at 5:30 and made it to spin.  I was sweating all over the spin bike but it felt great.  I then went and did a little bit of weights and now I'm anxiously waiting for 11:45 to get here so I can go meet my friend for our 12:00 abs class.  I'm so excited that now I have someone to hold me accountable for exercising.  I swear I was getting into a slump and she's just the push I need to get out of it.

I was asked this morning if I wanted to do a 5k trail race.  It's August 6 and I'm considering it.  Even though I'll be winding down my training for the 15.5k race at the end of the month, the trail race might be good for me.  I'm thinking it over.  I'm also hoping to find another half marathon to race.  I'm wanting it to be in the middle of marathon training but I'm not having such luck finding one.  Hopefully something will come up and quickly.

Enough of me rambling.  I have some blogs to go read.  Can't wait to read all the Boston Marathon Recaps.  Again congrats to those that ran it.  Maybe one day I'll be out there to.

Angela :)

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I wish we could run together, too!

    A 5K trail race? FUN!!!