Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Change of Plans

This morning I actually woke up before 6 on my own but because of a terrible dream where there was a HUGE snake and alligator in my front yard, I just couldn't muster up the courage to get outside.  Yes I realize it was a dream but it felt so real that it was hard to shake.  Swamp People is starting to get to me.

So I decided to use this as my rest day and make up the miles on Friday.  Since I have Friday off from work and don't have to be at Bug's school until 12:30, I can drop both girls off, get back home to get the sheets in the washing machine, and then I can get my run in.  I also understand that I will be running 3 days in a row, but since I'm not running high mileage at the moment, it's no biggie.

Also I have noticed in the past two days of limiting my intake of caffeine, I have hardly no headaches at all.  Last night I got a headache but it was due to stress because of the places I went to get food for dinner.  Once I was back at home and destressing, the headache started to go away and after taking a hot shower with Monkey, it went away completely.  Now the hard part comes on the weekend.  Am I really going to be able to resist temptation and instead of getting a Diet Pepsi out of the fridge, grab a cup of water instead.  We will see.

Bug's team won their soccer game last night.  It ended up being 5-0 and the girls were beyond esctatic.  They are playing pretty well this season and I'm so happy for all of them.  It's also great that its mainly the same girls from the year before with only a couple of girls missing due to playing other sports and two new girls.  They have come together as a team and you can really see the team work coming together as a play pans out.  I'm also enjoying the fact that I'm not the new parent and have jumped right in with all of the other parents.  Hopefully we can get on the same team come the fall.

Also my younger boss is paying my way for that tail 5k race in August.  He's running it also.  It will be his first 5k.  He's pretty excited.  I'm excited for him.  I'm using this race as a tempo run but since it's a quarter of a mile from my house, I'm running to it as a warm-up and then running home as a cool-down.  I'm pretty excited to be racing two weekends in August both in my hometown, basically right out my front door.  How can I say no.

Well today's my Thursday and tomorrow's my Friday.  I'm so looking forward to having a day off from work.  Bug is going to be spending the night with a friend Friday night, so after Monkey's Easter egg hunt, it's just going to be the two of us.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Some Monkey/Momma time.  Might just take her to see Hop.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.

Angela :)

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