Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Weekend

My weekend began on Thursday night and to make the party right, I went to bed at my normal time of 10:30, because I'm a party-pooper like that.

Friday I slept until 7ish.  Since I knew Bug would get up on her own when her alarm went off, I didn't rush out of bed.  Finally around 7:20 I crawled out of bed and made a pot of coffee.  I then took the girls to their respective schools and came on back home.  I got all of the sheets off of everyone's beds and got them into the washing machine.  I then left the house for a 5 mile run. 

The run was a struggle.  Not sure if it was because it was already hot or what but I really had to dig down deep to get this run completed.  Somehow I managed to finish in 44 minutes.  After the run was completed I finished getting all of my other morning chores completed. 

At 12:15 I left the house again and went and got lunch for Bug.  I got to see what she does for lunch.  We talked and listened to all of the other students talk and then our lunch date was over.  I was considering pulling her out of school early but because they are in the middle of the CRCT test, she stayed at school.  

After lunch with Bug, I went back home and cleaned up the kitchen.  Sat around for a few minutes and then headed back out to Monkey's school to join in on the Easter egg hunt and party.  I was told the Easter egg hunt would start at 2:30 but when I got there, I found out I missed the hunt but at least I got to stay for the party.  Monkey was so happy that I was there.  She was so proud to show off her mommy to all of her friends.  I helped pass out food and drinks.  I then munched on Monkey's plate of snacks.

After the party, Monkey and I went back home and just relaxed.  While watching Swamp People with the hubby we realized that Monkey had fallen asleep.  I guess all of the excitment of the afternoon caught up with her.  At 6:30 the hubs had to wake her up. 

Saturday morning rolled around and even though I was awake at 6:30, I rolled back over and the next thing I knew it was 7:30 and there was no time for a run.  I had to pick Bug up from her friend's house at 9:30, get to my dad's house to pick up my niece by 10 and then on to my mom's house.  We spent the day with my mom and stepdad.  We then went to an Easter egg hunt at my mom's church and then to my stepnephew's birthday party.  With all that we did, you would think that a 3-year old would just pass out on an hour car ride back home.  Nope Monkey stayed awake the whole time.  She finally fell asleep after we colored eggs at home around 9:30.

Sunday finally rolls around.  My sisters-in-law and father-in-law were coming over for dinner.  Considering I had made everything the night before, all I had left to do Sunday morning was clean up.  I made sweet potatoes souffle and my mother-in-law's cornbread dressing.  We had probably two bowls of dressing left over.  Everything else was eaten.  It was a great day.  With only one major meltdown by Monkey, the day was pretty much everything I had wanted it to be. 

The meltdown went pretty much like this:  Monkey hid the eggs for Bug.  Monkey then called Bug back outside to find the eggs, only Monkey wanted to show Bug where she hid all the eggs.  After the hubs and I telling her not to do that, she broke down in the front yard and the hubs had to take her back inside so Bug could finish finding the eggs.

Wow that was long.  I'll get another post up about my running goals for the week.

Angela :)

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