Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday's No Go and Thursday's Goals

Well Wednesday's run didn't happen.  Back story (which I tried to post from my phone but for some reason it kept saying it didn't go through).  Tuesday afternoon at Bug's soccer practice Monkey asked to go to the bathroom.  Off we went, she did her business and we went back outside. Well I was walking off the little step and the grass was wet from the rain we got the night before and my right foot slipped and twisted, like twisted badly.  I was limping for a few minutes, fighting tears, and hoping against hope that I didn't damage my foot to bad.  I jogged a little after Monkey and didn't feel any pain, so I didn't give it another thought.

Until yesterday around lunch time when I noticed my ankle was throbbing everytime I moved it around.  After a while I removed my frog socks to realize my right ankle was swollen (man I wish that darn picture would have loaded yesterday), so I decided to move my run to this morning, if my foot wasn't hurting.  Well this morning the alarm goes off and my foot is throbbing so I immediately turn the alarm off, change the time and go back to sleep.

I'm not taking any chances on ruining my race day on Saturday.  I'm contemplating running this afternoon or maybe two miles in the morning just make sure my legs are ready.  The swelling has gone down in my foot it's just now got the bruised feeling.  I'm planning on going to abs class today so there will be that for some working out plus I do a lot of running around chancing Monkey at soccer practice, so I'll get in a little running, even if it's chancing children.

On to my goals for Saturday.  My number 1 goal is to finish in 2 hours.  I don't care if my time says 2:00:59, at least it's 2 hours.  I plan on running the race the same way I did in my last training run of 12 miles.  I plan on starting off slowly (hopefully it won't be a problem, and I did want to put myself somewhere near the middle of the pack as to not make myself go off to fast) and then pick it up after mile 7.  I'm hoping that by the time I hit the last 3.1 miles I'll be able to really push it and hopefully be able to use my 5k race pace.  I'm hoping.

So there, I'm not going into this race with a this will be awesome goal, this will make me smile goal, and this will be okay goal.  I'm going into it with a "I have to make it in 2 hours goal, I have nothing else to fall on." 

I'm hoping to post my race outfit for you all tomorrow.  I have it almost down and want to know what you guys think. 

Angela :)

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