Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two Weeks and Counting

Tomorrow marks two weeks from the day I leave South Georgia and embark on an adventure in the heart of New York City.  I'm starting to get into "what to pack" and "do you think they will allow me to bring my own cremer on the plane for coffee" mode.  The hubs told me I wouldn't bring my own cremer, little does he know, I'm packing in my carry on bag for the plane, ha.

Isn't that the cutest face you've ever seen????  Monkey and I were playing with the camera on my cell phone and I took an upclose pic of her.  Love it.

Anywho moving on.  Yesterday I had 2 miles on my just run schedule but decided to do 4 miles instead.  So at lunch I took a Razz Cliff Shot gel and just let me legs lead me where ever they wanted to go.  I went down to Turtle Park (a local park near my office) and ran on the River Walk.  It was nice and the path was full of people walking, running, and just enjoy the day.  I managed to squeeze out those four miles in 34:48.  It was really nice to just run.

Last night I made crispy potatoe quiche.  It turned out to be great.

It had hash browns on the bottom that I baked at 450 degrees for 25 minutes.  While that baked, I microwaved some bacon and mixed two eggs with half a cup of Half and Half with 1/4 teaspoon of season salt.  When the 25 minutes was up, I then turned down the oven to 350 degrees put the bacon on top of the potatoes crumbled, with a handful of cheddar sharp cheese, a handful of taco cheese, and then poured the egg mixture over it and baked uncovered for 30 minutes.  It was so good.  The potatoes could have used some salt and pepper and next time I'm going to add ham.

This morning I went to my spin class and then did a couple of the weight machines to try and get some definition in my arms.  This morning at work I'm snacking on these tasty little treats I picked up at Publix in the buy one, get one free bin:

They are pretty good.  One serving is 11 crisps which come in at 110 calories per serving.  Not to shabby.

Since I've learned to upload pictures, I hope everyone is enjoying the new blogs with pictures.  I'm hoping to get better and add pictures of my running outfits and hopefully, if I can get a new camera, my runs on the go.

Angela :)

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