Monday, March 21, 2011

My Glorious Weekend Review

What a beautiful weekend we had down here in the South.  It was in the 80's both Saturday and Sunday and I was able to start work on my tan for the summer.  Loved it.

So here's my recap of how my weekend went:


Saturday morning instead of getting up to run 8 miles, I got up and took Bug to her soccer ceremony.  Since her first game wasn't until 1:45, I took the girls back home to the hubs and he watched them while I went on my run. 

I took a Citrus flavored Clif Shot.  I'm really starting to like these not for their flavor so much as the energy it gives me.  I then got dressed, shorts and a tank top and took off.  My one mistake I made was I wore my Sacouny's instead of my Asics and by mile 5 my feet were paying for it.  Those are some awesome shoes for sprinting and getting my mile work in but after 5 miles in them, my toes begin to cramp. 

So instead of getting in the 8 miles I really wanted, I managed 7.7 miles.  I wasn't disappointed in the mileage just disappointed in my shoe choice.  I knew better than to wear the shoes I wore, I just wanted to see if it was a one time thing or something that would happen every time.  Lesson learned, it's an every time thing.

After I got home, took my shower, got dressed, we headed for the soccer fields for Bug's game.

We spent three hours out there watching my friend's son play his first game and then watched Bug's team.  The girls did very well for their first game of the season and, only according to the ref, lost the game.  Somehow he mixed the teams goals up and said the other team won by one and our coach, along with the other coach, said we won.  It was all a little crazy.  We had a blas though.  Can't wait until next weekend when we play at 10 in the morning and only like half a mile from the house.

On our way home from the game, I was sitting sideways in the passenger seat of the truck talking to Bug when the hubs slammed on brakes.  A car was pulling out in front of us and if the hubs had not slammed on the brakes when he did, turn the steering wheel towards the ditch, he and I would have been T-boned in the front of our Explorer.  As luck would have it, or in my case, the AWESOME LORD ABOVE, he managed to only get side swiped and there was minimal damage down to our truck.  Poor Bug though was sitting on the side behind hubby and saw the other car hit the front of our car, and she was a wreck.  She started to cry, I started to cry, hubs did his best to control us, and Monkey was looking at us like we were crazy and kept on eating her chips.  Never phased her at all.

The police came, the poor other guy (he was really so sweet and I really hated what happened) got the ticket and luckily their insurance company has already contacted the hubs about getting our truck fixed. 

Yesterday was another beautiful day so we spent most of the afternoon doing this

I sat in a lawn chair with my sports bra on bathing suit bottom (I can't find the top) and got some more sun. 

All-in-all, it was one of the best weekends.  I so didn't want it to end, still wish it was yesterday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Angela :)

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