Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday, Friday

This week has flown by and for that I'm grateful.  I'm still working on getting adjusted to the time change so my morning workouts have only included one spin class.  I'm hoping to be back to wanting to workout next week.

1.  I'm hoping to change my cartlidge piercing out today.  I hit it yesterday while Bug practiced soccer and it brought tears to my eyes and blood to my ear.  I think the earring they put in when I got it pierced 5 weeks ago is just to big.  I like the little earrings for those type of piercings.

2.  I need ideas on cremers for coffee.  My husband and I really enjoyed the Cinnamon Vanilla Cremer.  We ran out yesterday so I had to use the vanilla carmel and french vanilla one we had together.  I've also tried the chocolate carmel one and that was good.  I think I'm turning into a coffee snob.  Oh well.

3.  Tomorrow is going to be hard for me to get my 8 miles in but I'm going to make it work somehow.  First we have Bug's soccer opening ceremonies at 8:15 and then her game isn't until 1:45.  So in between then, I think I'll go for my 8 mile run.  Fingers crossed.

4.  I'm thinking of incorporating what I learn in my abs classes into my own version at home.  Today my upper abs and obliques are killing me but it's a good feeling at the same time.  It even hurts to laugh. 

5.  Speaking of Bug's soccer game being at 1:45, I'm looking forward to sitting in a tank top and shorts and soaking up the sun's rays.  It's suppose to be 86 and sunny.  Heck ya, I'll definitely take it.

I'm hoping to be back Saturday evening to recap my 8 mile run.  Since I have nothing to train for, I plan on keeping my Saturday long runs somewhere between 8 and 10 miles.  Just keeping the fitness up and the weight off.  Again, let's cross some fingers on that one.

Have a wonderful Friday, I know I am.

Angela :)

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