Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rule Breaker/Rule Follower

Following Beth's (Shut Up and Run) footsteps, I'll go ahead and post my 10 rule breakers:

1.  I always drive at least 5 miles over the speed limit.  I always set my cruise control and just let my car drive me home.

2.  I pierced my cartlidge in my ear, even after the other secretary told me that the boss told her that it was a no-no.  I feel as though it's my body and the cartlidge was the safest option.  I'm still considering getting my belly button repierced and that's a big office no-no also.

3.  I often lay out in the sun with no spf on.  I spray my children down but as for me, I love the feel of the sun warming my skin.  I also usually lay out for a couple of hours, sometimes 4 or more depending on what's actually going on and how hot I feel.

4.  I host card games at my house even though it's illegal to gamble in the state of Georgia.  I've even told police officers we have cards games but I was also told by those police officers that the amount of money this is exchanged at these cards game isn't enough for them to worry about, the games they usually worry about is the ones where drugs and guns are being sold in the back room.  That so doesn't happen in my house.

5.  I sometimes listen to R&B and sometime a little soft rap in the car with my girls.  Do you think it's bad that my 3-year can sing some of this song:

6.  I eat a bowl of ice cream almost every night around 9:30.

7.  I'm late for work almost every morning.  I just sometimes can't get it together and I always come running in somewhere around 5 to 10 minutes late. 

8.  I don't send Thank You cards for birthday gifts.

9.  I don't shower after my lunch time runs when I'm at work.  I use baby wipes to wipe down.

10.  I don't like for my kids to snack before we eat, but I'll always sample and taste the food while I'm cooking.  Most of the time, I'm so full from sampling, that it's hard for me to make a "happy plate."

There you have it.  I guess I'm pretty much a rule follower considering it took me forever to think of 10 things that you couldn't just put into the lazy category.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

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