Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cross training

Tuesday's are my cross training days.  I do spin class and then take an abs class on my lunch break.  I also lift weights after the spin class.  My body is still getting use to the cross training, so I'm usually a little sore on Wednesday's and I love it.  I can so tell my body is making changes and it is so worth the little discomfort I feel.  I'm starting to see some of the results of the ab classes on my belly.  My husband can really feel the difference in my obliques.  He can feel the muscle and that makes me happy.  I'm really enjoying this cross training business.

So today I have 5 miles on my "let's just run" schedule.  I'm hoping that the hubs will be back early enough this evening for me to do them before it gets too dark outside.  I'm not all that concerned because it doesn't get dark now until 8, so as long as I can get start by 7, I should be fine.

As I've been reading through my blog list, I noticed that a certain someone hadn't been around, or at least posting blogs, I was starting to get a little concerned (you guys have become like family to me) when she popped up yesterday.  Jamie I'm glad to see your back and I hope that you can get those calf cramps figured out.  There is nothing worse than a tight calf, especially when you want to run.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday. 

Angela :)

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  1. haha! thanks for the concern :) Hopefully I can get my schedule to a better place so I have time to write and read.

    Nice work on the cross-training. It's the one thing I struggle with making work in a training schedule!