Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday's Favorites

Since I've been blogging and reading many blogs, I've noticed that people do a Thursday Three.  Well I've decided to take from that and do a little spin on it.  My Thursday favorites.  It's basically a Thursday Three but with my three favorite things I've found throughout the week.

1.  This is one I didn't find this week, but one I take every day to help get in my Vitamin C.  I use to take the HORSE pills that were Vitamin C but I would always choke on them because they were so big (that's what she said), so when my hubs introduced these to me, I fell instantly in love with them.  I've tried many of the flavors and keep coming back to this tangerine one.  It taste pretty good and I have it right when I get to work.  I swear by them, I haven't had a serious cold in months.

2.   I tried these funnel cake sticks from Burger King today on my lunch break.  I know, they are terribly bad for you and this could be the reason that I can't shake these pesky pounds that I have gained, but they were really good. 

3.  Ignore the make-up bag, but my last favorite things for this new Thursday's edition of Thursday's Favorites are these two little items I picked up at Walgreens the other day.  They smell awesome.  I've had my nose stuck to my armpit ever since I switched to this on Monday.

And there you have it.  I hope you guys have enjoyed my new Thursday Three/Thursday's Favorites.  What are some of your new favorites?

Angela :)

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