Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Five

It's finally Friday.  This week has gone by so slowly.  I was expecting this next week but not this week.  Here's my Friday Five, in no particular order:

1.  Bug has a soccer game at 10 in the morning.  We have to be at the fields at 9:30 so that means I'm having to push my run back to the afternoon.  Not a problem usually but it's suppose to rain in the afternoon plus it's going to be in the 80's again tomorrow.  Can we say HOT and MUGGY!!!!

2.  I love Easter and especially the candy that comes out.  These things are soooo good.  I'm a huge sweetarts fan anyways, so when I found these babies I was on cloud 9.  They are tart like the normal hard sweetarts but yet have the texture of jelly beans.  Love them.

3.  So in order to run off the many empty calories I'm consuming eating those bad boys, I'm planning on going running at our local zoo tomorrow.  My exstepdad is taking the girls there tomorrow to grill out and play with his girlfriend's grandchildren.  So I thought I would tag along and while the girls played, I would get some miles in.

4.  I'm wearing cherry earrings today.  I thought they would be really cute and springy.  It also matches my cartlidge earring, which you can see in this pic.  I have a pic stud in it at the moment.  I love that earring, makes me feel like a bada$$ even though it's just the top part of my ear.

5.  My trip to New York is coming up quickly.  I got on yesterday to check out the forecast in New York, I was shocked.  Let's just say that just because my neck of the woods have been in the 80's doesn't mean everyone else is.  My shorts and t-shirts will have to stay at home in favor of pants and long sleeve shirts.  But I'm still excited to go and so can't wait until April 6.  That's going to be one wild and crazy day but very exciting all rolled in one.

Have a wonderful Friday.  I'll be back tomorrow with, hopefully pictures, of my run through our zoo.

Angela :)

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