Friday, March 25, 2011

Just run

I know I haven't been talking about my runs as much as I use to.  There's a real simple answer to that question, I'm not really training for anything and I'm only really running 4 to 5 miles except on Saturday where I'm trying to stay around 8 to 10 miles.  So I'm basically logging around 21 miles  a week.  I really want to just keep my running fitness up so when I do start training again, I'm not starting from scratch.

I've also added in spin classes and actually I'm trying to get a spin class started on Tuesday afternoons for the parents who have Y memberships and children who practice soccer.  I'm actually in the process of seeing if we can have a 30 minute class or something of that nature.  I'll let you guys know more as I learn more about it.

I'm also still doing the abs class every Tuesday and Thursday.  I'm starting to get better but there are still things that make me hurt and I have trouble doing.  My obliques are killing me today because in class yesterday we did about 20 minutes of different plank workouts.  The side ones get me every time.  I'm also trying to get a friend to come with me, but for different reasons, we have not been able to meet up, so I'm hoping she will get to come next week.

So there you have it.  I'm not really going to post paces on my runs unless they are races for long runs that I'm especially proud of.  I haven't given up on my love of running, I'm just really trying to help get the hip stronger, it still bugs me at times, and plus work on things that I have neglected because of training for something specific.

Angela :)

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