Friday, March 11, 2011

Training schedules

I'm one of those type of people that need schedules but at the same time, I sometimes throw that training schedule out the window and do what I want..  I couldn't handle a job where I worked from home because I wouldn't get anything done.  Since I work at an office, I know that on Monday through Friday's I'll be at the office from 8:30 to 5:30 (with the exception on Fridays where I get off at 5).

So anywho, while I have nothing going at the moment, I decided to go ahead and get my marathon training scheduled.  I've planned for an 18-week training scheduled and it has a 20 miler, 21 miler, and a 22 miler.  Perfect because I really wanted to make sure that my training didn't stop at a 20 miler.  If I could run over that amount, then I know I'll be able to handle the whole thing.

I've also planned out all my runs with the exception of a couple of 5k races sprinkled in here and there.  Perfect because it will keep me running and I'm adding in a whole lot of weights and cross training.  I'm also going to be working pretty consistently on my abs.  I want the six-pack abs and I want them badly.  Last night while in the shower with Monkey, she pointed to my belly and said, "You have a big belly."  Thanks Monkey for noticing my ever expanding midsection.  I know better than to take what a 3 year old says to heart, but sometimes they are the people that are brutally honest to you, even if it's not what you want to hear.  But hearing what she says, I'm definitely going to up the ab exercises.  I've looked online and printed off some good exercises that I can do at home in between the ab classes.  I'm also thinking about purchasing a ball to use at home.  In one of the ab classes I took last week, we did the whole 30 minute class on the ball.  I learned a lot of exercises that will help and I found them to be fun and challenging.

Let's hope that by the time swim suit season hits, I'll have the body I really want and not something I'm settling for. 

Angela :)

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