Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Five

Two posts in one day, I must be bored or something.  Anywho, the post that was posted this morning was actually started yesterday but I just didn't finish it until this morning.

So it's finally Friday.  Guys this week has creeped by.  I so thought yesterday was Friday.  It took me like all of 10 minutes to realize that I actually had one more work day before I could officially start the weekend.

So without further aido, here's my Friday Five:

1.  I'm running in a 5K race tomorrow.  I've ran this race three years in a row now.  It's actually ran in January but because it didn't get coordinated in time, they decided to do it in March.  I would say I was happy about this but because it's suppose to be in the 30's tonight, that means tomorrow morning's race is going to be cold.  I guess my arm warmers (that I even wore to abs class because I'm now hooked on them, I so need to win Laurie's giveaway like badly) and some running pants.  I'll probably post my outfit when I have decided on it.

2.  I so need to clean my house.  It's becoming to much for me to handle and I'm not a neat freak by no means.  My bedroom looks like a child lives in it with clothes thrown everywhere.  I plan on doing a lot of cleaning over the next two days.

3.  Sunday we are having Monkey's birthday party.  That poor girl, she will always get shafted because her birthday falls on the same time that the Snicker's Marathon is hosted in my hometown.  Hopefully when she gets older, she'll forgive me.  Maybe one day we can run the race together on her birthday. 

4.  I've decided not to do any more races until June.  I know I have a race listed as an upcoming race in April, but I'm not going to run it.  Luckily I haven't paid for it yet, so that makes it easy for me to just let it go. 

5.  My New York trip is 3 weeks and 4 days away.  I remember when my mom asked me if I wanted to go and then told me what her plans were.  It seemed like April was forever away and now it's getting closer.  If anyone of you has ever been to New York and would like to suggest good places to eat, see, etc. I'm all ears.  I've already contacted a running group in New York about running with them on Saturday morning through Central Park, the race coordinator said yes, so I'm hopefully going to be able to do that.  If not, my mom has us planned to ride bikes through Central Park.  I do plan on getting my workout on in the hotel gym, so no worries about not getting my runs done.

There you have it.  Some of the most random five things going on in my hyped up 5-hour energy mind.  I really need to invest in that company or something.

Angela :)

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