Monday, March 7, 2011

Adopting a New Attitude

Now that the half marathon is behind me and I've reached my timed goals, I'm contemplating completely changing my whole training.  Even though I'm not training for anything specific at the moment, I do want to keep my running up.  I'm also going to add in weight training and next week I'm going to start my dog in on running with me.  He's a husky and it would be really good for him and me to have a running partner.  I'm super excited about training him because once I get him use to running miles, I'm going to have him start running races with me where dogs are allowed.  The hubs is pleased with this idea and this weekend I'm going to learn how to put his harness on that will help me be able to control him while I run.

I'm changing things up also because I've added some extra weight that I really don't want to be carrying around and I feel that if I add in some weights, it will help me get the weight down but will also help me tone things up. 

I've looked up a good maintaining schedule that I think will help me keep running first and foremost but it's not to hard that I'm going to get burned out on it.  Even though it says to start this week, I'm really not going to start it until next week because of a 5k race I'm doing this weekend. 

So here's how this week is going to look:

Monday - 3 miles - I did it in 26:51.  It was tough at first because my thighs were killing me but after that mile, I started to get into it and before I knew it I had the treadmill up to 7.0 mph. 
Tuesday - spin class/weights/abs class
Wednesday - 4 miles (with two miles at an 8:15ish pace)
Thursday - 3 miles/abs class
Friday - spin class
Saturday - 5k race with a mile warmup and mile cool down.
Sunday - REST
Total miles for the week 15 miles for the week.

Have a happy Monday all.

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