Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is your breakfast of champions????

This morning as I walked out the door to head to work, I could have sworn there was a package of pop-tarts lying on the floor of my car where I did eat them last week.  But I couldn't find them, so my breakfast of champions this morning was three cups of popcorn and a bear claw.  So healthy I know.  But at least I'm not starving like I was a few minutes ago.

I so didn't get up and go run this morning.  With this new piercing in my ear, I'm having a hard time sleeping at night, at the moment.  I so can't wait until it heals completely so I can sleep on that side again.  I might go running this afternoon, then again I might do some new core exercises that I have gotten from Active.com. 

So yesterday was Valentine's Day.  I celebrated by getting in a 4 mile run and then grilling chicken and sampling some of the chocolates that I got for the girls.  We had a wonderful evening.  The hubs brought home a dozen roses for me and two pink roses for the girls.  He also got them two balloons.  He's the absolute best.  We had a wonderful evening just being together.  Those are my favorite times together.  Also we got the text that a friend of ours got engaged.  I knew she was going to say yes and I am so, so, so happy for the two of them.

You know when you look at a couple and think, "They are meant to be together, they just go together so well."  Well that's this couple.  I knew from the first public "I love you" posted on FB that these two were going to be together for the long haul.  So can't wait for the wedding.

Angela :)

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