Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Hump Day Wednesday

Well I listened to Tricia's advice before I even read what she left behind on my blog for yesterday.  I didn't run three miles after work.  I figured that I really need to just focus on the rest of the week and let my runs come when they may.  I promise one day to actually entertain the idea of following a schedule completly through to the finish but less than two weeks out from my 3rd half marathon is not the time to actually start.  I've already ran 10 miles, 11 miles (twice) and will run 12 miles this weekend.  I've already got 2 half marathons under my feet so I already know what to expect on race day and I've actually got more training than I did for the Girl's Inc. Half under my belt.  I really do feel ready for this race next Saturday and after this Saturday's 12 miler, I'll feel that much better about the race.  That will give me a better idea of what my time goals are.  I'll have that post up probably next Wednesday/Thursday.

Anywho, it's another beautiful day in South Georgia.  I have 8 miles on my schedule.  I had the alarm all set and ready to go this morning but when I thought about it more, I decided that I really wanted to run these miles outside and while the sun was shining, so another lunch break run will be done today.  I'm really starting to look forward to my mid-day runs on Wednesday.  It's 65 degrees outside and I'm running in my new tank top from Old Navy.  I'm trying to decide what outfit to wear next Saturday, so I'm testing out tops and bottoms.  I want to stand out but be comfortable at the same time.  I'm hoping this nice, warmer weather we have been having will continue on.  I don't want it to be cold like it was last year for the race.

Confession time:  I had planned on taking some time off after the half marathon.  I had decided to rest my body from all the training (quit laughing, LOL) and just run up to 5 miles about three days a week.  But I went and signed myself up for a 5k on March 12 and a race in July and August.  I have no control over myself when it comes to races and I'll sign up as long as it is semi close to home.

Well I really loved the tank top and the hot pink shorts for my run.  I ended up only running 5 miles in 43:06 (I belive) and really had no problems what so ever with the outfit.  I'm contemplating on that being my outfit for next Saturday.

I do plan on getting the rest of my 3 miles in this afternoon after work.  I'm planning on racing myself, since I was suppose to have a tempo run today and that is the perfect distance for me to work on speed.  I'll hopefully survive and be able to tell you all about it tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday afternoon.

Angela :)

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