Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Five

It's my day but today hasn't been all that great.  This morning I thought I was going to have to call in sick because my stomach was bothering me like you wouldn't believe.   I then end up getting stuck at Starbuck's because they forgot to make my drink, but on the good side of that was I got a free Vanilla Latte next time I go back.  I then get to work 10 minutes late and all the boss can say is "Come on in whenever you feel like it."  Thanks for asking me if everything was alright.  Needless to say it didn't sit well with me and I got ill.  Then on my lunch break everyone and their mom was out driving around and I ended up being almost 10 minutes late getting back to work then also.  CRAZINESS I tell ya.

Here are five bright spots of my day though:

1.  Vanilla Lattes from Starbuck's.  OMG it was one of the best things I have ever drank.  I know this is going to amaze almost all of you but I just started liking coffee drinks.  I still drink them sparingly.  I'm finding I'm more of a latte gal than just a cup of coffee gal.  Love it sweet and full of milk.

2.  5 Hour Energy Shots.  I take one every Friday afternoon to make them go by faster and then the hubs and I take one on Saturday night.  I so should invest in them.

3.  14 blissful, pain free miles ran this week.  Usually by now my hip would be screaming at me because I've ran 14 miles this week, but it's not.  In fact I did my "let's see how in pain my hip is" test and felt nothing.  Because of this fact, I'm thinking of adding Tuesday's into my running schedule after the half marathon.  It's in two weeks and I'm not doing anything to take myself out of that race.  I'm hoping to have a PR in that race.  More on that when the race gets closer.

4.  My ear is finally starting to heal.  It started to itch some when things like that start to heal.  I'm also able to move it and push my hair behind that ear and not squirm with pain.  Even though I can't take out the boring earring I have in right now, I've already started looking for something prettier to put in once I can (March 11).

5.  I have 11 miles on my schedule for tomorrow morning and I'm really, really looking forward to it.  I'm trying to decide if I want to go the same route I did last Saturday or take a different route.  I semi-went on a different route Thursday morning when I did my 4 miles and was able to get a mile done before I even left my neighborhood.  I usually only get a half mile before I'm already out of my neighborhood.  I'm also thinking of taking this run down on the River Walk path which is where the half marathon ends.  But I'm just not sure if I want to be down there at 7 in the morning by myself.  I'll just have to see how I feel in the morning.

And there you have it.  Those 5 thinks make up for the little things that have gone wrong in my day, so far.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday.  I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of the 11 miles and let everyone know how it goes and what route I choose.

Angela :)

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