Monday, February 21, 2011

Beautfiul Weekend

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous.  The sun shone, it was nice and warm (in the 80's on Saturday), just all around wonderful.  We spent most of the weekend outside playing in the sunshine and warm temperatures.

I got up early Saturday morning like I always do and got ready for my 11 miler.  Even though I knew it was suppose to be warm, it was still chilly outside that morning so I put on my bright pink Old Navy running shorts and a long sleeve shirt.  It was the perfect outfit.  Not to hot and definitely kept me warm until I warmed up on my own.  The was was okay.  It definitely wasn't like the weekend before 11 miler and I was 1 minute slower on this run than last week.  I finished the 11 miles in 1:39.  Crazy.

Instead of listing my miles, one-by-one, here's a link to my garmin connect page with all of my info from said run, Saturday's 11 Miler.  After the run, I got breakfast ready for everyone and Monkey and I headed off to Wally World for some groceries.

After we got back and had lunch, my sister and I took 4 kids (a one year old, two year old, three year old and an eight year old) to the zoo.  It was so packed.  I guess everyone had the same idea we had, get the kids outside and let them play.  We had a blast walking around and looking at the animals.  We even got to see them let the Cheetahs run.  That was amazing.  They ran so fast.  I would so love to have a cheetah at home.

Later that night I went out with my BFF who was down for the weekend.  We had a blast and I got a little tipsy.  I love that girl and so wish they could move back home.

Sunday we laid around the house and then after nap time, I took the girls to the primary school to let them play.  We then went to the library.

Overall we had a wonderful weekend. 

This week's training looks a little like this:

Monday - 4 miles
Tuesday - 4 miles/abs class
Wednesday - 8 miles (tempo run)
Thursday - 3 miles/abs class
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 12 miles.
Sunda - Rest

I didn't get up and get the run in this morning.  I was being LAZY, which when you think about it is nothing new.  I'm hoping to get it in after work this afternoon.  I'll post whether I do or don't.

Have a wonderful Monday.  I'm celebrating President's Day by working.

Angela :)

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