Saturday, February 26, 2011

Drumroll please

I might just actually break the 2 hour mark next Saturday.  This morning I had 12 miles on my schedule.  I didn't actually have any real goals with this run but to get out and get it done.  I just wanted to make sure my fueling was on point and see where I was in my running.

I'm happy to say that I killed those 12 miles in 1:46.  That's an 8:54 pace.  Heck ya.  I almost cried when I arrived at my car to see that I had about 14 minutes to work with.  So if anything goes wrong next Saturday I can try to correct it before it gets to bad.  I also ran some of the course this morning.  It gave me a good overall feel of how it's going to feel next weekend.  It's amazing to see that this was my first half marathon a year ago and now when I run it next weekend, it will be my 3rd half marathon.  Also Monkey turns 3.  So this race is going to be all about 3.

I'll post my splits and how I was feeling during the miles later.  Just wanted to get out there that I just might actually break the 2 hour mark.

Angela :)

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