Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Already

You know I'm tired.  Very tired.  I guess when my body gets adjusted to getting up early most mornings, I won't be so tired.  I tried, really tried, to talk myself from getting up and going to the gym this morning but because I was already awake at 5 (my bladder wakes me up at 5 almost every morning) and I had laid there thinking how great it would be to get the run in after work, then thought about how little time I would get to spend with the girls, I went ahead and got up. 

I could definitely tell I did actually do some work this week.  I'm sore along with being tired, but I'm happy.  By the way, I did get out last night and get the last mile in.  For my personal knowledge and now yours, I can run a mile in 7:28.  Not to shabby but I wish it was a little bit faster, like maybe 7:10 or somewhere around there.

This morning I had 4 miles to get done.  I contemplated layering up and heading outside but it got down to the 20's last night and I just hate, absolutely hate running in the cold, so off to the gym I went.  I ran the 4 miles in 35:34 or somewhere around there.  I didn't love every minute of it that's for sure and it took everything I had to keep running after the 3rd mile, but I manage to get the run done.  I've ran 15 miles already this week.  That I was very excited about.  After I finish Saturday's 10 miler, I will have ran 25 miles for the week.  It's been a long time since I've actually followed my training plan for the whole week.  I'm giving myself a big ole pat on the back.

On some other exciting news, Monkey is figuring out this going No. 2 in the potty bit.  For the past couple of weeks, we would come home from daycare and she would just go in her panties.  That's one job I hate doing so I was slowly losing my mind with her and this mess.  Well last night, she did start to go in her panties then stopped, ran into the living room (yes we have her little potty in the living room) and she pulls down her pants and sits down.  After a couple of mintues she yells, "Mommy, Daddy, I went poop in the potty."  We all check it out and she did a little bit so I gave her a hug, cleaned everything up and we went about our business.  Well I was sitting at the computer playing on FB when she comes running up to me again and said "I pooped in my panties."  I get them off of her, make her sit down and leave her there.  About 5 minutes go by and all of a sudden we hear "I pooped in the potty." 

Let me give you my phrases for what she did.

Monkey: "I pooped in the potty."
Me: "No you took a massive dump in the potty."
Monkey: "I'm a big girl now."
Me: "No, baby your a woman now."
Monkey: "I'm no woman, I"m a big girl."

Guys, she took the biggest crap I have ever in my almost 30 years seen.  I'm still seeing it today.  I had to have the hubs clean out her little potty because my gag reflex was in full force and I couldn't stop gagging.  She not only got praises out the roof, but she got a hot fudge sundae from Mickey D's.  That poop was sundae deserving poop.

And there you have it, my crazines with potty training at the moment.

Angela :)


  1. yiippeee for potty training :)

  2. Tricia, that's what I'm screaming. Now let's hope she actually continues and not reverts back like she's been doing.