Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Three

So this morning I wake up at 4:50.  I'm not even contemplating getting out of bed until 5:30, so I rush to the bathroom, because that's the real reason I'm awake at 4:50, and run (see running already) back to bed.  I quickly close my eyes to get in at least 40 more minutes of sleep.  What I won't do for some extra minutes of snoozing.

But I did get out of bed at 5:30, took my happy butt up to the gym, get all my gear set up and start running.  Earlier this week I said I was doing speedwork, well after I actually looked at my schedule, I really was doing 7 miles with 5 miles at an 8:54 pace.  Tempo run here I come.  I run the first mile at a 9:05 pace and then crank the treadmill up to an 8:34 pace.  I keep it there for at least 2 miles then crank it down to an 8:41 pace.  When the machine gets to 4 miles I shut it off and go to the rest room.  Take a Gu (trying to get rid of the Cherry Lime flavor, yuck) and get back on the treadmill for the rest of the run.  But by the time I got back on the treadmill to start the run, I was running short on time.  So I did 2 miles at a 9:05 for pace for a total of 6 miles in 53:23 minutes.

I was very happy to actually have gotten up and got the run in but I'm still a little upset with myself for not getting that last mile in.  So I have decided that after I get home from work, I'm putting back on my running gear and hitting the streets for a sprint mile.  I haven't actually taken the time to just time one mile in a long time, so I figure this will give me a good idea of how fast I can actually run a mile in and still be able to get all of my miles in for the day.  It's a win/win situation for me.

Tomorrow I'm running 4 miles, which this is something I haven't done in a long time either, not run 4 miles but back-to-back days.  Usually after the tempo/speed work runs on Wednesday my hip is screaming at me long before I'm sitting at my desk at work but today, it's not bothering me at all.  Knock on wood.  I also have abs class tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to.  The hubs told me I would never get my pre-babies body back and I understand I'll never get it back completely but I'm going to prove him wrong and get my abs back to the way they looked before I had Bug and Monkey.  I'm determined and plus it keeps me motivated trying to prove him wrong.  Anything to keep me working out is good.

Well I guess I better get to work, since they pay me to actually get some work done and not sit here and blog all day, even though that would be nice.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. I know I am.

Angela :)


  1. So, you don't like the cherrylime gu? I've been wondering how it would taste. Good job on your run and good luck on your timed mile this evening!

  2. If you like the lime flavor, it's more along that line that the cherry flavor. Not a fan at all.