Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five

It's finally Friday.  This has been one long week.  I guess getting all my workouts in makes for a long week.  I did 4 miles on Monday, abs class on Tuesday, 7 miles on Wednesday, 4 miles and abs class on Thursday, rest day today and tomorrow I have 10 miles.  I'm pooped.

1.  My mom and sister plus her two kids are coming over tomorrow to spend the day with me and my girls.  I'm hoping some Eclipse will get watched because I've only seen it like 4 times and I need me some more Jacob.

2.  I was planning on running my 10 miles tomorrow while Monkey napped but then I remembered no. 1 was happening, so that has made me rethink my 10 miler time.  I will now be getting up at 6:30 and getting started on the run at 7.  Hope it's not that cold outside.  It's suppose to be a high of 68 tomorrow, so you can see why I wanted to run during Monkey's nap.  Shorts and t-shirt running weather.  Me likey.

3.  I'm so proud of myself for getting everything done and not one complaint from the hip.  The hubs told me yesterday that he thought I was over doing it and said that I was going to hurt my hip again (well he actually said knees).  I actually think running on the treadmill helps (even though I don't really like it) because it keeps me at the same pace and the belt is flat.

4.  My nephew will be staying with us for a whole week in February.  I should say I'm excited about this but all I can think about is that I have to add another school drop off in the morning to my already hetic schedule.  I told Bug this morning that we would be going to the Middle School first and then I would drop her off and then take Monkey. 

5.  It's hard to believe but I'll be running my last 5k race next Saturday as a 20 year old.  I turn 30 on Feb. 12 and decided to tackle one more race in my 20's before moving up in the age group brackets.  I hope I get an AG award.  That would be awesome.

There you have it.  Crazy random things. 

Angela :)

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