Monday, January 24, 2011


So after a weekend of pure laziness where no running took place, I got my self up and out of bed and headed to the gym for some miles on the treadmill.  My scheduled called for four, so I put the machine at a 9:05 pace and just let the treadmill take me away.  With only a half mile left, I for some reason got really excited, or maybe it was exhaustion and somehow ended up running off the belt.  Luckily it was at the top of the treadmill, so I only made a really loud noise.  I resumed my running position on the belt and finished out the four miles in 36 minutes. 

I get home and start putting the information into my daily mile account and then hit publish for all my peeps on FB to see.  When it asked how the run went I typed:  "I do believe the treadmill is quickly becoming my new best friend.  I so can't wait for some warmer weather, so I can run outside."

Sounds innocent enough.  The status wasn't hurting anyone's feelings, didn't call anyone a name, and for the life of me was really boring, but I got this response from an old boyfriend's mom, "You won't be happy with more until you are happy with what you've got."  WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES THAT MEAN IN REGARDS TO WHAT I SAID ABOUT WANTING WARMER WEATHER!!!!

If you are just as confused as I, then we are in the same boat.  I responded back by saying that I"m very happy that I get to run on a treadmill, I just enjoy running outside because I'm able to push myself more. 

That message got left about 4 hours ago, and I'm still confused about that status and will be until I can get a response as to why she left that.  

Moving on.  This week my training schedule looks like this:

Monday - 4 miles at 9:05 pace
Tuesday -  Abs class
Wednesday - 7 miles with 3x1600 at a 8:15ish pace.
Thursday - 4 miles at 9:05 pace/abs class
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 10 miles at 9:05 pace
Sunday - Rest

I'm hoping dead serious about getting every single run in this week.  No more cutting runs and no more skipping on runs.  I'm doing them all and will be ready for that half marathon on March 5.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Angela :)

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  1. I saw that comment on your Facebook status and thought it was a bit strange too. :) Looks like you have a good week ahead of you, I'm sure you stay serious in getting them done. You can do it!