Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Success

Well this morning, I had already knew I just wasn't going to get out of bed to go running in the cold.  When I got up at 8 a.m., it was 28 degrees outside and me and cold just don't get along.  I had already decided Friday night that I would get the run in while Monkey was down for a nap.

So with that plan already decided, I got up and made pancakes from scratch, checked the checking account, transferred money into savings, went to the bank to deposit the hubs check, went to Walmart to spend way too much money, came home and made lunch for the fam and then put Monkey down for her nap. 

I then set out for what I was hoping was a nice and lovely 9 mile training run.  It was 50 degrees and comfortable outside.  I had on my bright pink running shorts from Old Navy, my white long-sleeve running top from Nike, some Under Armour socks, and my pink and grey Saucony's.  I was styling and profiling on this run.

Here's the splits from the run:

Mile 1 - 8:39
Mile 2 - 8:39
Mile 3 - 8:40
Mile 4 - 8:45
Mile 5 - 8:53
Mile 6 - 8:57
Mile 7 - 8:57
Mile 8 - 9:14
Mile 9 - 9:10
Total miles - 9
Total time: 1:19:56
Calories burned: 915

At mile 4.5 I took a Gu Cherry Lime.  It was not really as good as I had hoped.  It was more on the lime side of things and not cherry.  I love me some cherry, so I figured these would hopefully taste like the cherry limeaides you get from Sonic but I was so wrong.  I'll continue to use them but they will be used before my Jet Blackberry ones.

At mile 6 I noticed a cramp starting in my left toes.  At one point I was cringing every time I had to use that foot.  I finally just semi-balled those toes up and just went with it.

At the end of Mile 8, I was running on the sidewalk, not paying much attention to my surroundings, because I was on the sidewalk, when all of a sudden this dog shot out in front of me and just started barking.  I had my pepper spray on me but because he scared me I instead starting squirting water on him from my water bottle.  I know who's dog this is, so I will be mentioning something to them when I see them Tuesday morning.  I'm purposely going to spin Tuesday morning, just to warn her that next time I will be spraying the dog with pepper spray if it ever does that to me again. 

After the run, I put a towel out on the ground and did a good deal of stretching.  The hip isn't bothering me as bad as I thought it was but I can definitely tell I'm not long run ready.  Next week I have 10 miles on my schedule.  I really need to work on my speedwork and quite pushing those runs off.

Anywho, that's my run and the events of said run.  Why oh why, do I always get chased by dogs on almost all of my runs???

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

Angela :)

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  1. scary about the dog. hopefully the owner can do something. nice job on the run!