Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday, my Favorite Day

It's Friday, wonderful, glorious Friday.  I love me some Fridays.

1.  Monkey isn't feeling so good.  I think she got the cold that the hubs had.  I've been giving her cough medicine but this evening Bug came into the living room (at 7:30 p.m.) and said that Monkey was asleep on her bed.  I hate it when my babies feel sick.

2.  I was going to try and go for a run today.  It didn't happen.  The hubs ended up not getting home until after me.  So I decided I would do an hour of the 30-day shred.  Couldn't find the disk, so I gave up the idea of getting anything in today.

3.  Tomorrow I have 9 miles on tap.  I'm excited to get out and get a long run in.  I'm really excited to try a new flavor Gu that I have.  I'll give my thoughts on it when I post about the run.

4.  I need to get this extra weight off.  I've been carrying around 5 extra pounds since Christmas.  It seems nothing is working to get the weight off.  I really need to refocus on my eating habits, that's probably the likely culprit.

5.  It's COLD.  It's 30 degrees outside right now.  We have a fire going in the fire place and I'm contemplating running down to the store to get hot chocolates and such.  I really hate cold weather.  I wish summer was here already.

I hope everyone has a great evening. 

Angela :)

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  1. hope the little one feels better soon and that your 9 miles went well.