Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Finally Thursday

So this morning I had really good intentions of going to the gym, that is until 4:30 hit and I had to go to the bathroom and when I got up my hip started to hurt.  I made an important decision right then to rest the hip.  I think getting in three good runs is better than suffering through them.  If I can get a run in at least every other day, then I'm doing good.  I might just get in a run tomorrow morning and even though I have 9 on tap for Saturday, if I do them late enough in the afternoon, my hip should be ready to rumble by then.

I think I'm growing up.  It's been cold, like in the teens cold, down here in South Georgia.  So Tuesday the CPA in our office made coffee.  Me needing some caffenie and not in the mood for a cold diet coke, decided to make me a cup of coffee.  I added lots of mini-moos and sugar and it was great.  The hubs is proud of me for deciding to growup and drink coffee like an adult.

And because no post would be complete if I didn't mention Monkey and her latest on the potty training express.  Last night, the hubs caught her in the act of trying to go poopie in her panties.  For some reason we have mastered the pee pee in the potty but not pooing.  So he makes her sit on her little toilet and not get up until she goes.  All of a sudden we hear her screaming that she's gone poo.  (Don't worry we have her little potty in the living room so we can keep an eye on her the whole time).  The hubs gets up and checks it out and sure enough she's gone.  He leaves her there until he can get the wipes and some tissues.  And while he's getting all the stuff together, she goes some more.  We were so proud of her.  She was starting to have problems with it because instead of going, she was stopping herself.  It was getting to the point of possibly having to take her to the doctor because she was holding out a week at a time.

But no sooner did I slap a diaper on her behind so she could go to bed, we still haven't mastered that one, she poops some more.  So we were two for two.  At least she did manage to go in the toilet and her diaper all in one evening.  Fun times being had by all.

Well I guess I'll leave ya now.  Until tomorrow, you guys have a wonderful day/evening.

Angela :)

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  1. Oh man... aren't kids hilarious! Congrats on getting one step closer to never having to change her diaper again!