Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday already

So tonight I'll hopefully be able to see and talk to Bug while she is away at her grandmother's house.  I'm sorta excited.  I'm also going to be able to talk to my bestie in South Carolina this evening also.  Seems like I'll be doing a lot of sitting in front of my computer talking to people.  How flipping exciting is this.

Yesterday I laced up my new shoes (which have 8.4 miles on them already) and ran around my work neighborhood.  The younger boss was worried that some homeless person was going to get me so he called to check on me and then had me text him when I left the office.  Crazy, those homeless people know when other crazy people are around them and they will almost always leave them alone.

But I did manage to get in 3.4 miles yesterday.  It was a great run and I had a great time.  I had planned to go running this morning but decided to actually go by my training schedule for once this training cycle.  So tomorrow I have 6 miles on tap with 4 at some ungodly 8:XX pace.  Let's hope I make it home in one peace.

This week is flying by and before you know I'll be sitting in front of my t.v. watching the BCS National Championship game where (sorry Laurie) Auburn is going to whoop up on some Ducks.  I honestly think its going to be a great game and will probably come down to whoever has the ball last.  It's going to be a nail bitter that's for sure.

Anywho, I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.

Angela :)

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