Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Weekend

Our Christmas weekend started Thursday afternoon, when my bosses decided to close up shop at 12 and send everyone home.  I was so thankful because I also had the hub's work party to go to and that usually takes about 2 hours.  My mom dropped the girls off at 11:50 and they helped me close up the office.  My mom had been sick, so she went back home and went to sleep.

The hub's office Christmas party was a lot of fun.  For the past two years, the hubs and I usually end up taking first place in the quiz that his boss gives.  Well this year we came in 2nd and 3rd.  It was hilarious. 

After we left there, the hubs wanted to check out Sam's because he something he wanted me to see.  Turns out he wanted to give me a webcam but he wasn't sure if I really wanted one, so he decided to let me actually see it and then decide.  I ended up getting the webcam and now will be able to Skype with my bestie who lives in South Carolina.  I so can't wait.  After thinking of about it, we decided to get his mom one and now we can Skype with her also.  She lives in Alabama and we only go over there once a year on Thanksgiving, so this will give her and the girls a chance to see each other.  Hopefully she will get it installed tonight and we will be able to see her and Bug (who is spending the whole week with her) tonight.

After getting back home, I made my mom's almost famous carrot cake.  I decided to make it into a bundt cake instead of the traditional 3 layer cake.  It turned out AMAZING. 

Friday morning, the girls and I met with my bestie at a local restuarant for breakfast and then we hit up Wally World for some last minute gifts.  Then we headed home, where I folded clothes, cleaned and rearranged Bug's room, and then went on a semi-fast 5 mile run.  The new shoes felt amazing and I really enjoyed the Nike running pants. 

I then got home, iced the cake, and we went to my me-maw's house we were celebrate Christmas Eve and my grandparent's wedding anniversary.  It was a blast.  Got home around 8, let the girls play with their new toys from the grandparents and then they were off to bed. 

During the night, I ended up getting sick.  Somehow I ended up getting the stomach bug that my sister and her boyfriend had.  She passed it through Monkey who never got sick.  So I pretty much spent Christmas morning laid up either on the couch or in bed.  I felt terrible about ruining Christmas but the hubs was AMAZING.  The girls really enjoyed everything they got.  I got the hubs his Cappuncino machine and he's becoming a pro.  The hubs got me Eclipse, a tech hoodie from Old Navy, and some silverware, which we desparately needed.  Bug got me a coffee mug that she picked out herself at school.  I love it even though I'm not a big fan of coffee.

I'm feeling better today and semi-wished I went ahead and got my run in this morning but I didn't and I'm planning on getting it in afterwork.  I was planning on going on my lunch break but I just really don't feel like it and my stomach is still feeling a little funny, so I'm going to let it rest.

Have a great Monday guys, can you believe that the New Year is like just around the corner?  I can't.

Angela :)

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