Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some new running gear

Last night the hubs and I attempted to get the girls their Christmas presents.  Let's just say that we started off the shopping trip with $290 for them and only spent $152.  I thought it was going to be easy but when we walked into the toy store, and I started looking at the rows upon rows of toys and such, I knew we were in some trouble.  We shopped for 3 hours for them last night and I still have to go back out either tomorrow night or Friday while they stay at home and finish getting the shopping done.  I still have the grandparents to buy for but since I'm making a carrot cake (from scratch) for our annual Christmas eve party at my grandparent's house, I figure that's gift enough.

But while we were on this "Suppose to be shopping for the girls only" trip, we ended up at Old Navy.  The hubs needed some new jeans, wanted to get some more of their boxers (by the way they had nothing left in the boxer area) and I cruised the workout line seeing if they had anything new.  They had some running pants and since the only pair of running pants I own are not comfortable and feel heavy after a couple of miles, I decided to give them a try.  For $15 I figured they were either going to be really great or I could just use them as lounge around the house pants if I hated them. 

So this morning I got up at 6:30 (actually I more or less dragged myself out of my comfortable bed, I think some bargaining was being made also) but I did get up and took those pants on a 4 mile run.  THEY WERE THE MOST COMFORTABLE PAIR OF RUNNING PANTS  I HAVE EVER WORN!!!!  They stayed in place, they didn't feel heavy and I actually wasn't all that cold in the 33 degree temperature we were having.  I'm thinking of going back to Old Navy and snagging a couple more of those pants.

Two things happened this morning, (1) I got up and went running and (2) I fell in love with some new running gear.  Overall it's a great day.  Now if only I can find that capuccino machine that I want to get the hubs for Christmas, today will be just absolutley perfect.

Have a wonderful Tuesday all.

Angela :)

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