Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Love Your Bosses

So today we had our office Christmas party.  Even though I have to work tomorrow, we decided that since it's the last day before the holidays, that trying to get an hour or more outside of the office before Christmas break just wasn't going to cut it, so I decided that we should go out today and so we did.

But before I could enjoy the festivties of stuffing my face full of Mellow Mushroom pizza (my all time favorite) I had to get some miles in.  I had a terrible, people getting kidnapped, terrible dream, so the thought of running outside before the sun was up this morning was something that I knew just wasn't going to happen.  So at 7 I got up out of bed and decided then to get out the door for at least 3 miles, 4 if I could cut it.  I managed to squeeze out 3.6 miles before I had to call it quits or I wouldn't have made it to work on time.  I didn't get the information loaded onto my garmin connect page, so as soon as I do, I'll update how the run went.

Before we left the office to go eat, we opened presents.  I received a new pair of running shoes (Asics, my favorite brand), a Nike running coat, Nike running pants, Nike running long sleeve shirt, Nike tempo shorts and a shirt to match with some Drymax running socks.  Needless to say, I really want to go for another run like right now.

We then went off to stuff our faces full of pizza and I tried hummus for the first time.  That stuff is so good, I have no idea why I thought it wouldn't be.  I think I might just have to try to make some for myself.  Mmmm good.

I wasn't planning on going running in the morning but becaue I have some new gear, I think I might just have to get up early to get some running done.  Have to check out all the new gear.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.  I'm hoping that tonight will be my last night out Christmas shopping and that I can finally find something for the hubs.  I knew I should have picked up his present when I saw it Saturday, but I just didn't think and now I can't find one anywhere.  It sucks.

Angela :)

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