Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goals for the 10K Jingle Bell Jog

So yesterday I went out for my 5 miler.  I was a little sore from working out on the EA Active for the Wii the night before but figured the cooler temperatures would make for a great way for my muscles to relax some.  I also took a Gatoraide Pre-Fuel (becoming a huge fan of those) and decided to try a Breath Right Strip that my boss was telling me about.  It allows more oxygen to enter and it made it so much easier to breath though my nose than in past runs.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked down at the first mile and saw an 8:21 mile and even more craziness was when my watched beeped at me at mile 2 and I saw 8:13.  I was feeling WONDERFUL at this pace.  Mile 3 was 8:14 and then I took the strip off and you can see a huge difference in my paces they went down to 8:33 and 8:36.  I ended up running the 5 miles with an 8:23 pace and my time was 42:01.

So using that as my base in the running calculators, here are my three goals for Saturday:

Goal A: 52:40.  Now if I was to recreate yesterday's 5 miler this would so be doable as long as I stick to the 8:23 pace and as long as I leave the strip in place.  I'm going to attempt it but I'm not going to be upset if I don't make it.

Goal B: 53:59.  My actual 10k PR is 54:38 and it is based off a virtual run.  I'm not including the 10.5k race that I did in August because that was actually longer than a 10k and I don't feel it counts.  In order to obtain this time goal I would have to run an 8:40 pace.  Now when I did the 10.5k I ran the 6.53 miles in 55:51 with a pace of 8:33, so this time goal is so doable that I would probably be happy with it but would know that I could have pushed myself harder. 

Goal C: Just finish.  With every race comes race day conditions.  You never know exactly how you  are going to feel come race day morning.  Right now my arms, legs, and stomach are just not feeling so great.  I'm hoping the soreness goes away before Saturday.

After this race, my primary focus is going to go into the half marathon.  Considering I did beat my first half marathon time by 6 minutes, I feel I could have done so much better than what I did.  My past long runs before that were amazing and I still can remember those runs and how amazing it was.  If only it had carried over to race day, I might have had a better day.  But that is the life of a racer.  I'm going to do a lot of things different this training cycle and I'm really happy about it.  I'll post that all next week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday.

Angela :)

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