Monday, November 22, 2010

It's the Weekend

So sorry I've not been around.  Something's up with my computer at work and it doesn't want to load this website and by the time I get home, I've got so much other stuff planned that I don't even post.  Sorry, I hope you guys forgive me.

Well Bug played her last soccer game for this soccer session.  Her team lost but they sure put up a fight and it was a great game.  We had to get up really early to get there on time and even then we were about 20 minutes late.  That's the norm for my family, we never get anywhere on time.  I did make it out the door for a 6 mile run this afternoon.  It was really a great run and even though I did have a couple of fast miles in there, I'm finding that I like to stay comfortable around the 9 minute miles.  On Dec. 4th, I plan on trying to keep a consistent pace of 8:20 for the whole thing and finding that I have been doing my tempo runs around that time, I'm thinking I'll have it in the bag.  I did take another one of the Gatorade Pro Fuel things and I'm thinking I'm liking them.  Now if only Gatorade read my blog and sent some my way, I'd be a happy camper, but I guess I'll head over to Publix and get some from there because they are having a deal on them right now.

Anywho, I did the six miles in 54:17 for an average pace of 9:02.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Next week I have speedwork on tap and even though I'll be out of town, I'm thinking of seeing if my nephew would like to run/race me on some of the 800's.  It'll keep me in a consistent pace and just might show him some love of running.

Well this morning I was suppose to get up and go for a 3/4 miler.  I didn't, shame on me but I plan on going tomorrow morning before take off for out of town.  I don't really mind running three days in a row, did it in high school, I can do it now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.

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  1. nice job on the 6 miler! have a good holiday and good luck getting those miles in!