Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is the day over with yet????

The morning started off overcast and chilly.  Rain was sprinkled in throughout the morning and it has put me in a very sleepy spell.  If I could curl up with a blanket and go to sleep, my boss would find me on the floor under my desk snoozing away.  You can definitely tell winter is coming up.  Tonight it's suppose to start getting cold in my neck of the woods, yes that's true South Georgia talk.  Come Saturday I have a feeling I'm going to need a small heater to keep me warm while we watch Bug play soccer.  That reminds me, I need to find everyone's winter jackets.

So I slept in this morning.  See I told ya I didn't want to put it out there because I knew it wasn't going to happen again.  Really the reason is because I knew the hubs could watch the girls this afternoon after work and since we are having chili and it needs to sit and simmer for a while, I figure what's the best thing to do while the chili is simmering than run.  So I'm going to get everything together and let it sit and simmer while I run out a 3 miler this afternoon. 

My friend that texted me about getting her started in running is planning on joining me Monday for my 3 miler.  I plan on going her pace and seeing just how far she can get.  Considering next week's a slow week because of the suppose to be running 15k, I don't think it will be to terribly bad of me to go slow.  I might, big word there, go to the gym Monday morning and get in a couple of miles on the bike or something like that.

Anywho, I'm super excited that it's Thursday.  Only one more work day and then it's the weekend.  So can't wait.

Oh funny thing I should have mentioned up at the top, since the hubs had the day off, I called him and asked if he wanted to go eat lunch at  new burger joint that opened at the beginning of last month.  He said sure and since I got to the place first, I went ahead and placed our order.  Well 20 minutes goes by and people that came in after me were getting their food while I was still waiting on ours.  So I get up and go to the counter to see what's up.  After the lady looks at my receipt, she realizes that they REFUNDED me when I placed my order.  So bascially they put money in my checking account rather than taking it out.  To work everything out and to keep the hubs and I happy, they ended up giving us our lunch for free.  A meal that was suppose to cost $20.91 ended up being FREE!!!!  Thank goodness the burgers were AWESOME.  I do plan on going back but I'll also be spreading the word considering they gave us a free meal when they didn't have to.

Have a great Thursday, I know I am.

Angela :)

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