Thursday, November 11, 2010

Complete Blank

That's what my mind has been lately.  I actually started a blog the other day but for some reason or another I had to save it and then never finished it.  I'm also completely bombing in the running department this week also.  I know that I'm not racing this weekend, and because most night I come home, get dinner thrown together, get the little one ready for bed and then we have been cleaning for the AU/GA party that is on Saturday.  So running has taken a backseat for the moment.  But I am going running on my lunch break today.  I was planning on doing three but because I took yesterday off, I'm probably going to run somewhere around 4.  Don't worry my offending body ordor will harm no one, I'm a master at disguise.

I'm still planning on getting that 15K in this Saturday morning.  I'm planning on starting around 6:30 (the sun is starting to show itself around that time) and since I've gotten 9 miles down to somewhere around 1:20 I should be back home by 8 ish.  Plenty of time to get ready for Bug's soccer game and get breakfast for the kiddos.

I'm also neck-deep in the Cam Netwon scandal.  I 100% believe he is innocent because the NCAA has been looking into this since July and nothing, repeat NOTHING has been found yet.  Now if something comes out and proves that Auburn did give him money to play, then by all means he should be kicked off the team, and yes I will say this once, the team should be 0-10 (that just completely hurt my fingers to type) but if nothing has been found, then just drop it until it can be proved or not.  The sad thing is, if he is innocent, then he should be apologized to for having his name ran through the mud but you know something, NO ONE WILL APOLOGIZE. 

Anywho, I'm off to get some more work done before my lunch time fun.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

Angela :)

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