Friday, November 12, 2010


It's Friday and that means Friday Five is in order:

1.  My sister is keeping Monkey tonight.  When I dropped Monkey off at daycare this morning I said I would see you tomorrow.  She didn't hestiate to push me out the door.  That girl loves her cousin and is very excited to see her.  I know, without doubt, that if I showed up at her daycare to pick her up this afternoon, she would have a HUGE MELTDOWN, hit me, kick me, and then refuse to leave with me all the while screaming where's my Amy.

2.  Tomorrow I've got 9.3 on tap.  If you recall I was suppose to run in the Holiday Chili Run, but because of time constraints and possibly Bug's last soccer game, I decided, with a very jealous heart for all those racing tomorrow, that I would just run the race in my neighborhood and race myself.  Considering I've never ran a 15K before, I'm going to go ahead and use that time as my official 15K time.

3.  I've been having heartburn like crazy lately and I'm going to say it's probably do to my lack of exercising and my eating of terrible foods.  I'm planning on jumping back into race mode quickly because I have a 10k race in less than a month.

4.  I received my notification earlier this week that my application was accepted for the Snicker's Half Marathon on March 5, 2011.  I'm so excited.  I've also gone ahead and made my decision to run the FULL MARATHON in March 2012.  What have I gotten myself into?????

5.  Tomorrow's the BIG PARTY that we throw every year.  Even though I'm excited for the game, I'm a nervous wreck for my Tigers.  With all the BAD PRESS that's going around, I hope they can show who they are on the field and KICK GEORGIA'S BUTT tomorrow.

There you have it.  Five non-interesting facts that you might/might not care about.  For those that need some compression socks that you can also use ice packs on at the same time, check out this cool giveaway that SKINNY RUNNER is hosting.  Check it out but remember I really want to win.

Have a great weekend.  I know I will.

Angela :)


  1. Happy Friday. Hope you have a great weekend. Good luck to your Tigers. :)

  2. Hope it was a great weekend and that 9.3 miles went well!