Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two days left

Oh boy, I'm beginning to become a nervous wreck about Saturday.  I've only ran once this week and that was a 2 miler on Tuesday.  I really wanted to get in a 3 miler yesterday but time got away from me and since it's getting darker earlier these days, I'm just having a hard time getting them in after work.

Today I'm planning on hitting up the abs class and then I'm teaching a 45 minute spin class this evening, so that should be enough to get me through Saturday.  In all honestly, I know I'll be fine with almost taking this week off.  Fresh legs will work well for me on Saturday and I've done two back to back long runs over the last two weeks (11 miles and 10 miles), so I know without a doubt, I'll be fine Saturday morning.

If your looking to snag a hairband giveaway, check out Skinnyrunner.  She's giving away some really cute hairbands that I would love to try and win. 

Angela :)

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