Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Five

Glorious Friday, your finally here.  This day is made better by the fact that both the hubs and I both get paid today.  Money in the bank, yes thank you.

I'd also like to welcome another new member.  Glad you came over to check me out, liked what you saw and stuck around.  I'm so glad to have you.

Now on to the Friday five:
1.  At 2:00 Ga time, I'm getting off of work, heading home to change into something comfortable, loading my stuff up in my mom's car, and we will be off to Panama City Beach, FL for the half marathon tomorrow.

2.  Yesterday I taught a very intense but much needed spin class.  I was sweating like a pig and my legs were screaming at me when it was over, but it was one of the best spin classes to date.  Those two ladies worked hard and stuck with me until the end.  I loved it.

3.  Abs class rocked yesterday afternoon and my stomach didn't look flabby this morning.  Yesterday was a great cross training kind of day.

4.  Bug has a soccer game tomorrow that I'm going to miss.  I'm sad about that but I know she'll do fine and I've told her that I want every single detail of the game tomorrow when I get home.

5.  You know that I'm going to mention my beloved AU Tigers, how can I not when they are No. 7 in the polls, ALL I DO IS WIN!!!!!  Anyways, tomorrow they start their game at 2:30 and I hope to be home close to that time.  I'm hoping my team pulls out a HUGE WIN tomorrow against Arkansas but its going to be an ugly game and will probably come down to the last minute/seconds of the game.  One of those where my stomach will be full of butterflies and tons of beer will need to be consumed if my Boys in Blue lose. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I'll be back, probably Sunday, to post my race recap, but if your dying to know my time before the report, then I'll have it posted on dailymile, which is also posted on my blog.

To everyone else racing this weekend, I hope you all get your PRs.

Angela :)


  1. Hey Angela... sorry I've been missing in action on your blog lately. :( I think about you every time I see Auburn or really any SEC team for that matter. Did you notice the ducks ranking ?! Bye week but BIG game next Thursday. Hope your race is super smile worthy... enjoy your weekend!

  2. Good luck at the 1/2!!! Have a great weekend :)

  3. Laurie, no worries about missing the blog. I always think about you whenever I see the Ducks play or hear about them. I did see their ranking, watch out though, AU just won their 7th game in a row, LOL!!!!!

  4. Jaime thanks for the comment. I'll be posting my review very soon.