Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Such a long week

and it's almost over but having Monday as a holiday really screws up my week for me.  I'm supper excited that today is Wednesday and that my HM is getting that much closer.  Friday at 2 will be here before I realize it and the only things I have ready for the weekend is my outfit, socks, gels, and fuel belt.  Eveything else is just lying around.  I guess I'm waiting for them to pack themselves.

I did get out and run a very quick 2 miler.  When I say quick, I mean quick.  I did it in 15:47, that's a 7:51 pace.  HELLO SPEED!!!!  My plan on running this half marathon is to run 11 miles between 9:10 and 9:15.  Just want to keep a happy pace.  I know I can run this pace for that long amount of time and when I hit the 12 mile marker, I want to speed it up to about 8:50ish or so.  I know without a doubt I can run 11 miles in 1:44, so if can make myself pick up the pace, then I should have no problem killing those last 2.1 miles and finishing strong close to 2 hours.  Fingers crossed that I don't get caught up in the race day atmosphere and run the race I want to run and not start out the same way I do every run.  SPEEDING IN A SCHOOL ZONE.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday.  I might squeak out a 3 miler this evening or I might just put on my 30 day shred video and workout to that.  I know I'm not doing that great on running this week but I'm trying to keep my hip relaxed as possible.  I'm teaching a spin class tomorrow and that will be all of the exercising I'm planning for this week. 

Angela :)

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