Monday, October 4, 2010

New week, I feel like a new me

Better yet, I feel like the old me but happier.  After Saturday's 11 mile run (which I'm still riding that runner's high on) I have been so much happier.  I guess the accomplishment of something that I wasn't sure I would be able to do a couple of weeks ago has really made an impact on my life.  I'm still slacking in the mileage department and this week I'm planning on adding some tempo runs and track workouts into my routine but just knowing that I'm capable of what I did Saturday, is enough to get me to the finish line on October 16.

I didn't go running this morning and will not be able to this afternoon but I'm using cutting the grass as my cross training.  I don't have a riding lawn mower so I feel walking all over the yard pushing a push mower is workout enough.  I do plan on going for a run tomorrow morning, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning I'm going to ride the bike at the gym, rest Friday, and then another long run on Saturday.  I'll begin my taper on October 11.

On Saturday, I totally felt the effects of this training cycle compared to my first half marathon training cycle.  I wasn't confident in myself, I didn't work on speed runs (tempo, track, etc.) and I let myself get slow and walk.  This go around I've pushed myself and the work is paying off.  Back before my injury when I ran the longest of this training cycle at the time of 9 miles, I did it in 1:30.  Saturday I hit 9 miles at 1:25, 5 minutes faster.  That's a huge accomplishment.  In my first half marathon, I hit 10 miles at 2:00 hours, this go around I hit 10 miles somewhere around 1:3X.  I want to leap for joy.  It is this type of accomplishment that makes running so very important to me.

So here's my breakdown of what I'm going to do this week in the way of training:

Monday - cut the grass (will probably take me an hour and half, hopefully I'll get it finished before the sun goes down.)
Tuesday - 5 miles (3 at an 8:30ish pace); abs class
Wednesday - 6 miles - mid week semi-long run
Thursday - hour on bike at gym; abs class
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 11/12 miles
Sunday - Rest

Angela :)

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