Saturday, October 2, 2010

It was awesome

So I said I was going to run for 2 hours this morning.  Well I didn't quite make it 2 hours because time was getting away from me.  But the good news is I did run 11 miles in 1:44.  I didn't stop and walk, I didn't slow down much at all, I DIDN'T HAVE ANY HIP PAIN.  I'm feeling the slight pain of normal long runs on my legs right now but I'm still having that runner's high to even worry about it.  Here's the breakdown of how the run went:

Mile 1 - 9:35
Mile 2 - 9:15
Mile 3 - 9:15
Mile 4 - 9:22
Mile 5 - 9:20
Mile 6 - 9:25
Mile 7 - 9:40
Mile 8 - 9:51
Mile 9 - 9:44
Mile 10 - 9:33
Mile 11 - 9:25
Total miles - 11
Total time: 1:44:28
Average pace: 9:30
Calories burned: 1,124

I took an apple cinnamon hammer gel around mile 6 and then tried some blok shots around mile 9.  I will never get the shots again.  They were terrible.  I tried two.  It was not what I was expecting and mile 9 into a run, I need the expected.  Uggh, is all I can say about them.  I'm a gel girl that's for sure.

After the run, I sat in the tub with cold water and let my legs relax.  Then I put on my compression socks and have worn them all day.  My legs are sore in my thigh area and my calves are a little tight but other than that they feel fine and so do I about October 16.

Bug's soccer team didn't win today but she did awesome and you can tell she's getting better.  She sure knows how to get in the way and only let one ball get by her.  I was a proud soccer mom today that's for sure.

Overall, we had a wonderful day and tomorrow my sister and I are taking our kids to see Disney Princess's on Ice.  I so can't wait.

Angela :)

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