Friday, October 1, 2010

Fabulous Friday Five

It's Friday folks and time for another installment of Friday five.  So here goes nothing.

  1. Tomorrow Bug has a soccer game at 11:15.  It's not down the street from where we live like most of her games and that means we have to leave extra early to make sure we get there on time.  
  2. I'm planning on running for two hours tomorrow.  Not going to think about the miles, just want to see where I'm at when the clock strikes 2 HOURS.  Let's hope that I'm closer to 13.1 than I'm thinking I might be.
  3. This morning I had a much needed talk with my boss and boy did it feel good to get everything off my chest.  It all started with a letter that went out with the name of a hat spelled wrong.  Since I'm the only secretary working, until Monday, I told him that I'd finally been pulled as far as I could handle and I just snapped.  I used the term "being pulled like a rubber band, eventually everyone is going to snap."  It really was a great talk and you can tell when things get aired and out because it makes things so much better.
  4. I'm going grocery shopping tonight because we have to much going on tomorrow and I really want to get some things done before I go to bed tonight.  Let's hope that the motivation I have now to get things cleaned, last until I get home from the grocery store, doubtful but I can still hope it's there.
  5. My second half marathon is now 15 days away.  I'M FREAKING OUT A LITTLE!!!!  I know that I was on a good pace with my miles and pace before my hip injury took me out for a while but I do know that if I'm capable of a sub 44 minute 5 miler, then I should have no problem with 13.1.  I've done this once before and I know without a doubt I'm going to cross that finish line on October 16, I'm just not so sure I can do it with a sub 2 hour finish.  WE SHALL SEE!!!!
Well that's my list for this week.  Nothing to exciting.  Yes my boys in BLUE are playing this weekend but it's against a non-conference team and Auburn should win this game no questions asked.  It's more like a practice game and to give some of the starters a rest before Kentucky next weekend.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  For those racing, I so hope that you get that PR you are looking for.  Can't wait to hear all about it on Monday.

Angela :) 

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