Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a great weekend.

So another weekend has come and gone.  It has been a pretty good one to say the least.

Saturday morning I set out for a run at 7.  Since Bug had to be at her soccer game at 9:30, I really only had an hour to get my run in.  So I ran 6 miles in 55:03.  It was a great run and I even was able to pick up the pace in the last mile.  Here's the splits:

Mile 1 - 9:16
Mile 2 - 8:59
Mile 3 - 9:11
Mile 4 - 9:22
Mile 5 - 9:07
Mile 6 - 8:42
Total miles 6
Total time: 55:03
Average pace: 9:05

After I got home, I stretched out really good and after I made breakfast, I iced my hip down while I ate.  Then I had to hoof it into the shower and get dressed because time was getting away from me.  The Warriors didn't win but boy did Bug look awesome out there.  I wish I had remembered to bring my camera but I didn't and my mom only got one picture of Bug. 

Then we went out to eat with the fam and then rushed home to get the house cleaned because we had friends coming over to watch No. 12 South Carolina take on No. 17 Auburn Tigers in Auburn, Ala.  The game was awesome and my beloved Tigers pulled out a much needed win.  Sadly the  Ga. Bulldogs lost another game and Alabama pulled out their win against Arkansas.  Needless to say it was a great weekend of football.  Next weekend Auburn takes on ULM so it should be a cakewalk for them and another win in the books.

As for my training this week, I'm thinking of running 5 miles in the morning, 5 miles on Wednesday, 3/4 on Thursday and then somewhere around 8/10 on Saturday.  Since I only have a couple of weekends left before the BIG HALF, I need to get in as running as I can.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Angela :)

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