Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Review

It has been a nice and quite weekend with lots of college football watching.  The girls and I went to my nephew's birthday party, where I proceeded to stuff my face full of cake and then sent the girls on their way to the beach with me-mee and my sister.

Saturday I had planned to run 4 miles but once I got started, the ole hip problem reared it's ugly head so I called it short at 2.21 miles and iced the hip down really good.  I do plan on trying to do 4 tomorrow, but, of course, if I feel any pain, whatsoever, I'll call the run short and be happy with whatever miles I can get in.

Saturday night we went to a friend's house to watch Auburn and Cam Newton play some football.  That man is awesome.  Auburn's got a great quarterback this year, so if the defense can get it together, we might just be able to contend for the SEC West.

Here's the hubs and I posing for a picture after the game.  We had a blast with our friends and I laughed so hard my cheeks were killing me.  We ended up spending the night with them because (1) it was Labor Day weekend and we had been drinking and (2) they live almost 2 hours from us.

Today has been a lazy day Sunday.  I did manage to get to Kohl's and get a new purse.  About two weeks ago, one of my husband's client's gave him $30 dollars in Kohl's cash.  The purse ended up costing $24 so I didn't spend a dime of my own money.  How cool is that???

Tomorrow I plan on cleaning the girls' rooms and then working on my own while I wait for the phone call that they are back in town.  I'm hoping to get Bug's room totally cleaned out for her and Monkey's just needs a good cleaning and maybe a trip to Goodwill to make some donations.  After watching Hoarders on TLC I feel as though I need to clean. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day.


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