Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Five

Yeah, it's finally Friday.  This week has dragged on just like it promised to.  It dragged on specifically because I'm getting rid of my kids for a whole weekend.  A WHOLE WEEKEND!!!!!   I'm excited, if you can't tell.  I'm going to miss them there's no doubt, but I never get whole weekends kid free so this is exciting.

Anywho, on to the Friday five.

1.  I'm attempting my first run tomorrow.  I only plan on running somewhere around 4 miles.  I talked with my PT about those miles and he said that was fine as long as I came home and iced immediately afterwards.  I plan on sitting on the couch, icing my hip while watching the Georgia football game.

2.  Even though I'm an Auburn fan, we have a friend coming over tomorrow to watch the Georgia game.  He's a Georgia fan and I'll usually cheer for almost any SEC team except for Alabama.  For those that understand football, Alabama and Auburn are huge rivals and the only way I will cheer for Alabama is if they make it again to the National Championship game, which I'm hoping they don't.

3.  The temperature this morning was 64 degrees.  I thought about going back inside and putting a coat on but then my husband walked out and when I told him that, he looked at me like I was crazy.  I might be but it was cold to me.

4.  Tonight, before my girls leave for the whole weekend, we are celebrating my nephew's first birthday.  He's getting a boat from us.  I hope that his older sister let's him play with it.

5.  I'm at work by myself, so wishing I was at home already.  I hate lonely Friday afternoons.

There you have it.  Five random things about my weekend or me that you might or might not find interesting.  Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and if your a college football fan, then I hope your teams wins this weekend, except if your an Arkansas State fan, then I'm sorry but Auburn's going to cream you tomorrow.


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  1. Hope you have a great kid-free weekend. We (Oregon) should win, if not, its going to be a terrible start to our season. Hope Auburn plays well for you.