Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Change of plans

I so didn't get in any miles yesterday like I wanted.  I started watching Hoarders on AE and let's just say I got the hugest urge to clean.  Bug's room is spotless and Monkey's, well let's just say we still need to work on it.  That show really makes me sad that people let themselves end up living like that.

Anywho, since I have to cut back miles in my training because of the hip muscle issue, I made a change to my training schedule that I think my hip might like even more.  I cut my mileage way back and will be adding in biking at the gym, still waiting to get my bike fixed.

So here's this week's schedule (with modification from yesterday)
Monday - 2 miles at 10:29 pace
Tuesday - Rest (will be running the 2 miles while Bug is at soccer practice)
Wednesday - 5 miles with 3 at an 8:54 pace
Thursday - 2 miles at 10:29 with 45 minutes of biking at the gym.
Friday - Spin class
Saturday - 7 miles at 10:29 pace
Total miles: 16

I've really rested the hip and even though there is some discomfort there, it's nothing like it was.  I'm not going to let the hip get that bad ever again.  I plan on icing right after my run, even if it means sitting with an ice pack on my hip at work, then so be it.  The schedule only calls for my longest run to be at 9 miles, but I might just change it up that last week and go 11 miles, just to get the miles in and semi-get a feeling for race day.  It's crazy that the Girls' Inc. Half is only 6 weeks away.  Where did all my training time go and why did I have to get an injury directly in the middle of it???  Oh well I'll work around it and hopefully come in at goal time.

Glad this is a short week, let's hope it flies right on by.


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