Thursday, September 16, 2010

The week is almost over

As much as I live for Fridays, I also love Thursdays.  It means the week is almost over and we only have one more work day until the weekend.  Thursday and Fridays are some of my favorite days of the week. 

Tomorrow one of my best friends is getting married.  We have decided to leave the girls with my sister and when Monkey heard me discussing the details on the phone last night, she jumped up and down with excitment.  She loves going to my sister's house because of her little girl.  They are the best of friends and love spending time together.  For them to only be 7 months apart, it's going to be a blast watching them growup together and I so hope that their friendship will continue.

Saturday I plan on just running.  No set miles in mind.  My only goal is to run for a full hour and half and just see where it gets me.  I'm pretty excited about this.  The last time I ran for an hour and half I did 9 miles.  I'm hoping to make it to 10 miles but we shall see and I will not beat myself up if I don't go further or do less.  Just running now is making me happy.

Last night I squeaked out 5 miles.  My hip felt great the whole run.  You want to know what bothered me during this run?  My obliques.  In Tuesday's abs class she worked those muscles out and OMG they were killing me yesterday.  I could hardly move because they were so sore.  It was a great feeling.  The hubs laughed at me.  It was pretty funny.  After last nights run, I iced my hip down for a good 30 to 40 minutes and this morning woke up with only the slightest pain of sleeping on my left side most of the night.  Once I got moving around, the pain went away and now I'm only dealing with the sore obliques still.  Crazy.

Today instead of going to abs class, I'm going to get my hair cut instead.  Since I'm having to get off work an hour early tomorrow (and that's consider my lunch break) I only have today to get this mop manageable on the top of my head.  I have it cut in the stacked look and love it but it does have to be cut like every 6 to 8 weeks.  I haven't had it cut since July and you can really tell it.  I'm starting to sprout wings on the sides and I'm eventually going to fly away if I don't get it tamed.

Have a wonderful day all.


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